December 12, 2009

Sorry for the long delay of posts. I have been pretty busy in a good way. I don’t even really know what to tell you. Here are a few things that have happened recently:

  • It snowed a lot! It was really fun to play in, but not fun to walk to class in. It amazes me the difference in weather there is between North and South Kansas. I really like being in the Northern part of Kansas. I love the Flint Hills and all it has to offer up here.
  • Basketball started. I won’t mention the end of our football season, but we didn’t end on a 7 game losing streak (KU?). I love basketball. The atmosphere at Bramlage is amazing. 1/4 of the stadium is devoted to students so it gets loud fast. I got in line for a game at 5:30 last weekend for a game that started at 8 and sat on the second row. It is quite the experience! Everyone should come!
  • I raised all of my money for Guatemala. For those of you that didn’t know, I will be going to Guatemala over Spring Break on a mission’s trip. I can’t wait and I can’t think everyone enough for their donations. If everyone could pray for that trip and Christ’s influence in the lives of those in Guatemala it would be much appreciated.
  • I met Kyle Reynolds again. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but 3 different Kyle Reynolds call Kansas State home. I met one before I came and finally got to hang out with him recently. It is weird to hear your first and last name said around you, but people aren’t talking to you. Really cool guy.

More has happened than that but those are some highlights. Tomorrow may be one of the best days I have had at K-State. As a nice study break, Quest is going caroling around Manhattan. You may say, “Well that is neat Kyle, but why are you so excited?” Here is the reason…we are caroling to the “Manhattan Celebrities.” Including Frank Martin (basketball coach), Bill Snyder (football coaching legend), Suzie Fritz (volleyball coach), Deb Patterson (women’s basketball coach), and the President of K-State among others. It is going to be an awesome time.

Thanks for reading. I will update you on the caroling over break maybe. Oh yeah, it is finals I should study…


First Place in the North!

October 25, 2009

So my life has been pretty hectic lately. I feel like I have a lot to update about but I don’t have time so I will give you a little bit of information in a lot of different areas. Since my last update,

  1. I was asked to join the advisory board for K-State Proud. K-State proud is a really cool foundation on campus that could take a while to explain. Basically, K-State proud raises money for scholarships. These scholarships are given to students have used up all other forms of financial aid and are at risk of having to leave K-State. What makes this so cool is that all the money raised is from Kansas State students. It is a students helping students fund. Money is raised by selling K-State Proud T-Shirts that students wear to a nationally televised basketball game. Last year we raised over $100,000 and our goal this year is $115,000. I am honored to help make important decisions on an awesome campaign as a Freshman. Here is a link to the website for more information
  2. I went to Lawrence. Despite the fact that it was Lawrence, I had a really good time. I hung out with some awesome people that I missed a lot. We had a really good time just hanging out and playing kickball on the roof of a parking garage.
  3. Our football team pounded Texas A&M. I had so much fun watching us dominate A&M. The crowd was so loud and created an awesome atmosphere to be a part of. Then we beat Colorado the next week! It was homecoming and our defense came to play!
  4. KU lost to Colorado! KU lost to Oklahoma!
  5. KSU took over first place in the Big 12 north and now sits atop the North comfortably.
  6. I went to the KSU President’s Residence with Quest. We were able to talk with him about his vision for KSU because he just became President this year. He and his wife are a very dynamic duo and fun to be around. Before we left we took a picture with them and I saw a swing attached to a tree in his backyard. I asked if he had ever swung in it. He responded with a “No” and chuckled. I asked him if I could swing in it and he said that would be fine. So I ran over to his swing and had a ball. He thought I was funny and enjoyed it. He tweets on twitter a lot and actually tweeted about Quest visiting him. He tweeted, “We enjoyed visiting with about 40 freshman students who were inducted into Quest – a freshman honor group – they even tried out the swing!” You read that right, he tweeted about me! This may be the highlight of my entire college career. You should follow him on twitter,
  7. This past weekend I went to Westminster Woods for Eastminster’s middle school retreat. I had an awesome time being a leader and loved being at the woods!

As you can tell it has been a busy time for me with a lot of cool experiences. If I forgot to mention, KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY IS LEADING THE BIG 12 NORTH!!!!!!!

Fall Break

October 6, 2009

So I think this idea of “fall break” is a little misleading. I had monday off of school. That is what they are calling a “fall break,” I think it is a little ridiculous. Luckily, starting next year we get an entire week off of school. Oh, if you haven’t gathered my fall break was this past weekend and it was a good time despite the length of it.

I stayed in Manhattan on Friday night and went to the KSU versus Texas volleyball game. Now, Texas is the number 2 team in the country and  I understand why. The main reason why they are amazing falls on one outstanding player. She is 6’4″ and is the three time NCAA high jump champion. So first off she is freakishly tall, plus she can jump out of a building. That is scary. Needless to say, KSU was defeated in 3 games but we put up quite the fight.

My weekend was centered around the football game taking place at Arrowhead Stadium. Iowa State versus Kansas State. Most people saw this as the battle to see who would be the worst team in the Big 12, but I think Colorado might have that spot covered. The game was actually pretty amazing and I couldn’t tell these were “two of the worst teams in the Big 12.” If you didn’t hear, Iowa State scored with seconds left to be down by one needing an extra point to win. K-State jumped up and blocked the kick to win the game by 1 point. If that isn’t drama, I don’t know what drama is. It was so fun to be surrounded by so many of my peers jumping around celebrating a much needed victory. Oh, by the way we had pretty awesome seats. Here is a picture presentation of Matt and I’s trip.

It made my weekend pretty awesome. After the game, I went home which was great. I got to see lots of awesome people and catch up on their lives. Life is great. I will update you on more soon.

GO CATS!!!!!

Things Are Lining Up

September 26, 2009

So things are starting to line up and make sense. I got into Quest!!!! We actually just took a retreat this past Friday to Saturday. It is a group of 32ish other amazing Freshman. We get to do a lot of cool behind the scenes stuff at K-State. I met so many amazing people on the retreat. I really clicked with people in Quest and I am really relieved about that. In fact, this past week I have really found a group I fit into. It is such a relief and I am so much happier about it. I will keep you updated about the awesome stuff I will get to do with Quest.

This past week included lots of tests and really was just a long week. Luckily, we had a home football game to cap it off. Today the Kansas State Wildcats put a hurting to Tennessee Tech. No surprise but it was so fun to be here for a dominating victory. Next week Matt and I are heading to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to watch KSU play Iowa State. Immediately after the game I am heading home for the weekend. I can’t wait to go home. This is my first time going home since moving in. I love K-State and I love Manhattan, but I really miss Andover/Wichita and I just need to get away.

All is well in Wildcat Land for me. Quest and friendships are starting to line up!


It has been a while…

September 20, 2009

So I haven’t let you all know what has been going on lately, let me update. I have really started to enjoy myself and get comfortable here at Kansas State. I am starting to find people I click with and I am getting involved a little bit. I am in a Freshman small group/bible study with guys from my dorm through a campus ministry. It was great to get plugged into something and meet more guys in my building.

Last night I had some plans change on me and ended up with a bunch of guys from the floor right above me. We ended up going to the “new sonic” a couple miles away. I broke out my freshly painted golden razor scooter when we got there and my new friends were so excited. We scooted around Sonic and played in the Sonic play place (when did Sonic get play places and you can rent them out for parties. Can you say I have some great party ideas…?). It was really fun then we headed back to watch our Kansas State Wildcats take a loss to UCLA in football, but we looked better. I am trying to be optimistic, but we are definitely rebuilding.

Finally, today I had Quest interviews. Quest is a Freshman Honorary intended to find the future leaders of K-State within the Freshman class. 200 students applied to be in Quest and 75 were invited back to the interviews. I was invited back today and the interviews were similar to speed dating. There were 15 interviewers and each was alone at a table. Each interviewer had 3 questions and we had 3 and a half minutes to make an impression on them. The interview process took an hour and a half! It was a really good experience but so scary. I hope I did well and get in. I will keep you updated.

Well, that is all for now. I hope you all are doing well and I can’t wait to see you soon!



September 11, 2009

I am currently sitting in the laundry room waiting for my clothes to get done washing. Eric Hutchinson is currently entertaining my ears while I wait through this awful process. Laundry sucks and I hate doing it. The physical task of laundry isn’t that difficult but the time it takes is awful. I am going to steal from my friend Frances and just give you some high and low points of the week. Low points first so you have to wait for the positive things.

Low Points:

  • I put off most of my homework until monday of my three day weekend which meant a full day of homework. This caused a mental breakdown and I started to question my major and all academic plans. Basically, Calculus 2 is really hard and I don’t always understand it. I am in the process of getting some help though so it is getting better.
  • Wednesday! Wednesday is an awful day. I have class from 9:30-10:20, 10:30-11:20, 12:30-1:20, 1:30-2:20, 2:30-4:20. Do you realize why I hate Wednesday? I have decided that Wednesday is a day to treat myself to something good too, so each Wednesday I look forward to a glorious dinner at Chipotle! I hope to find fellow Wednesday haters and make this a fun activity.

High Points:

  • The parents came in for the game Saturday! It was great to see them and even better to go out to lunch. We went to Hibachi Hut, which has delicious burgers. After we went to Bill Snyder Family Stadium and met some people for a tailgate. Then I split for them to enjoy the second high point of the week.
  • Fall sports season is upon us!!! At the football game Saturday I was 7 rows up on the 40 yard line! Plus I only got there an hour before the game. I had so much fun being a part of our awesome student section and being at a sold out game. I did the Wabash for the first time and sang “Wildcat Victory” all game. On Tuesday I joined the Purple Pit at our volleyball game. The Purple Pit is so loud and obnoxious, but it makes the game so fun. I am actually going tonight to watch our 22nd ranked Wildcats play 17th ranked Kentucky!

I think that gives you all an update on life. Please keep reading, no one visits my blog anymore. Tell your friends about it. Oh, the washer is done time to go dry those clothes. Talk to you soon.

Game Tomorrow!!!!!

September 4, 2009

One major reason I decided to come to K-State was the Big 12 atmosphere it provided. I attended a football game and a basketball game last year when I was considering K-State. The atmosphere the students provide and the appreciation the school shows their student section was very impressive. This week I have constantly looked forward to Saturday. I am going to walk into a sold out stadium, witness the return of a legendary coach, and be a part of one of the best student sections in the Big 12. Words can’t express how excited I am for this game. I get to be a part of some amazing traditions and I get to contribute to an awesome atmosphere the students create. Trust me, it will be a great day even if we are just playing UMass.

So enough about Saturday, I will tell you a little about my week. Not much happened this week, but I have enjoyed myself. The intramural season has begun and I have joined a couple teams. I am captain of our floors flag football team. Don’t ask how I am captain, my roommate just wrote my name down. I was also asked to join a bowling league this week. I figured it could be fun so I joined. Our team consists of a girl that bowled for a third place team in high school from nebraska, one of her friends, my suite mate Jim, and me. It turns out that this league we joined isn’t just for college students, actually almost every other team is compiled of people 20-50. No joke! They take it seriously and are actually good. Our team will compete, but we plan to dress a little ridiculous and make it more fun. I am actually a decent bowler and I even impressed myself a little bit.

Basically, this week has been filled with meeting more people and trying to get a little more involved. Oh yeah, Matt and I are planning our visit to Kansas State President Shulz’s house. We are going to bring him cookies and just get to know him. I sent him an email to see if that would be ok and when a good time would be, but he is yet to respond. He is probably a little busy, but my former admission’s rep and leadership teacher said it was a great idea. I will update you when more details of our possible visit come about. Again, it has been a pretty good week. Thanks for reading.

GO CATS!!!!!!

Week Over

August 29, 2009

So that may have been the longest week of my life. College is different. I have a lot of free time but that free time is consumed by homework. After I get through classes on Wednesday my week is really easy. I cruised through classes Thursday and that night headed to the Union for an activities fair.

The activities fair was so overwhelming. The entire ballroom was lined with different clubs from running club to swing dance club to different christian organizations. I tried to get a feel for the different clubs and grabbed lots of free stuff which is always nice. I have a bad full of goodies, so exciting. I talked to every Christian organization on campus, like all 20 of them and I was really excited to try them out. So excited that I did that night. Other clubs I found were different leadership groups I can apply for, study abroad, college of education ambassadors, and some singing groups. As soon as that was over I met up with some friends and we went to Student Mobilization (stumo) for a worship service.

I really enjoyed stumo. 600 students were all packed in one room and it was so cool to see that many students come together to worship. Another cool thing they do is a special bible study for freshman. It is called freshman connection and it sounds like a great way to meet people. I liked it a lot, but still need to check a few more groups out.

Friday flew by considering I only had one class and it was geography. He finished 20 minutes early, I was so happy. So I worked on homework the rest of the afternoon. First week is finally over. Lots of work to do this weekend, then it is on to week 2. All next week I will be looking forward to the opening football game. I am so excited to see the legend return!

A New Adventure

August 25, 2009

I first want to thank you all for joining this adventure with me. Many of my friends started a blog when they went to college and a couple kept them going the whole year. I felt like it was a great way to communicate what is going on in my life with all of you.

I moved in on Saturday, which started the new journey in my life called college. Knowing it is a great journey ahead of me, I looked forward to my first day at Kansas State. Moving in wasn’t too bad and matt and I made our room look pretty good if I do say so myself. Our room is nice and cozy and I believe is reserved for handicapped folk. Here are a few pictures. I don’t have a picture of the bathroom, but it is huge!

Saturday night went on uneventful and Sunday came after a good sleep. I woke up and went to University Christian Church with Alex and Jordan Carney. It was ok. I plan on shopping for a church and a christian organization on campus for a while. Sunday night K-State had a huge pep rally at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The band went over how game days will work and we went over the traditions. I love the traditions here and I feel right at home. Hearing the band and being in the student section made me feel right at home. I can’t wait for September 5th, when we open our season against UMASS. Some coaches spoke and Willie tackled some KU nerds, but best of all Coach Bill Snyder arrived at the stadium. I got chills I was so excited to see him. A feeling of hope is what Bill Snyder has brought back to campus and it is refreshing to see. After the pep rally some guys on our floor ordered Pizza Shuttle and hung out.

Today I started classes. My first hour in class at Kansas State I was not allowed to speak English. I only heard spanish and only spoke spanish. It will be really tough, but is a great thing to learn. Then I headed to my Geography class. I found the room and saw that it said auditorium and an auditorium it was. My class has 300 students in it but I sat near the front and couldn’t tell it was that big. The class doesn’t seem to challenging, it just requires some reading. The highlight of my day came in Calculus 2. That class also has 300+ students in it for the lecture. He wrote on 6 different chalk boards and at one point hit a switch and the bottom chalkboard and top chalkboard switched. It was so cool, but I looked the only person in class that thought that. My last class was Orientation to Education. I found my suite mate and we sat together. It was fairly boring but involved things I needed to know.

Sorry for the long post, I promise they will get shorter. It is now time for me to go study some spanish vocab! I will keep the posts coming as long as you keep reading.